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Can you handle the Easter eggs?

Bad Easter Egg!Bad Easter Egg!

Some hidden surprises are great – like a note on the fridge with a kind message. Some surprises are less great though, some are even unwelcome. No one likes a "bad egg", so what happens if a surprise threatens your whole digital world?  


Why are Easter eggs more relevant now more than ever?

Presents, surprises and hidden treasures are always welcome! But what happens if you get a present that ruins your entire digital existence? 

Can you handle the Easter Eggs?

Can you handle the Easter Eggs?

Unfortunately, some eggs are bad from the start. A while ago, just in time for easter, a very convincing phishing message involving chocolate eggs managed to trick people into handing over their bank details. The so called “Cadbury chocolate Easter egg scam originated on Whatsapp, and promised a free easter chocolate basket, all you had to do was to click on the link. 

This lucrative scam is now believed to be coming from Russia, and Cadbury UK confirms on Twitter that the circulating post is not generated by them. Approaching easter and spring, it’s an ideal time for hackers to attack computers. It’s not uncommon to experience an increase in doubtful messages from scammers around holidays, trying to get their hands on personal information.

Unfortunately, some eggs are bad from the start. A while ago, just in time for easter, a very convincing phishing message involving chocolate eggs managed to trick people into handing over their bank details.


But why "you"?

With enough personal information such as name, date of birth and address, hackers can steal your identity, to create another “you”. This other “you” then will be used to open bank accounts, take out credit cards and apply for state benefits etc. - all in your name. If you suspect for a second that you’ve been a victim of identity theft or fraud, you need to act quickly and report the incident!


Here are a few tips, in case you come across some "bad eggs":

  • Safety first – Prevention is as the key, and safety first, even on the internet. To prevent an Easter egg scam from happening to you, here are some tips:
  • Install antivirus –  A software to guard and protect your computer!
  • Keep updated – To prevent any kind of infiltration keep your software and OS patched and updated at all times.
  • Cybersecurity awareness – Educate yourself/your employees so that they can learn how to recognize and report real attacks and frauds in day-to-day situations – if/when the real deal comes along, you’ll be ready.


How do you prefer your eggs?

Easter eggs.

Not all eggs are bad!

Not all eggs are bad though! There are other kinds of Easter eggs, and not the kind that you can eat, painted in bright colors, made out of sweet chocolate or filled with candy. The kind we have in mind keeps the hunt going, even after the egg’s been found, leaving the hunter “hungry” for more secreats! These Easter eggs occur in the software industry and are a kind of surprise hidden in, for example, a computer program or computer game and usually consists of a text or a primitive game. Some of the most famous ones originates in the computer world as hidden features. But also in the movie industry Easter eggs are a thing, where they work as hidden references, inside jokes or clues to the plot’s development, subtly incorporated into the on-screen action.

Then there are the other kind of Easter eggs, the kind that keeps the hunt going, even after the egg’s been found, leaving the hunter “hungry” for more secreats!


Throughout the years some Easter eggs are more memorable than others:

  • Microsoft Excel 95 included a Doom-like game called "The Hall of Tortured Souls".


  • Fallout and Fallout 2 are probably some of the games that have the most Easter eggs linked to movies, including references to "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" and "Star Wars".


  • In Star Wars THX 1138 is a constant reference. In 1971 Geroge Lucas began his directorial debut in the making of the film THX 1138. In almost all Star Wars films, Lucas mentions to THX 1138 in some way – it is the name of the stormtrooper that loses his armour to Luke Skywalker, and Luke also claims he is a prisoner transfer from cell block 1138, to mention a few.


  • Google’s “I’m feeling Lucky”-button is one of the most “hidden in plain sight” Easter eggs - many may not even notice the additional button on the Google homepage named as “I’m Feeling Lucky”! When entering Google’s search page, typing keywords and clicking on “I’m Feeling Lucky” link or button, the first website on the search results will open automatically. The results are in most cases meant for fun and not a real Google Search. Try typing “Google pacman”, “Find Chuck Norris” or “Google Underwater” and see what happens!


  • In Toy Story you’ll see that the carpet in Sid’s room is identical to the carpet showing in the horror movie The Shining. Also the number 237 appears many times throughout the film - a subtle reference to Jack’s room in the haunted Overlook Hotel.


The bottom line

To sum this up: stay safe this easter, choose your eggs carefully and only crack open the ones you’re really sure of. Leave the bad eggs to be forgotten and fall into oblivion.


Happy easter!


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