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What is a cyber security threat?

A man's upper body (face outside picture) in a dark shirt holding a laptop with a black screen and green text saying "YOU'VE BEEN HACKED".

We are now half way through 2022, and what a year - pandemics and war are a some of the "not so-highlights" of the year so far. New technology has also created possibilities and new ways for cyber criminals to attack. Cyber security therefore should constantly be on every business owners mind.

What is a cyber security threat?

But what is cyber security, and what are the most common threats against it today? If we can define that, we might be able to prevent attacks!

First and foremost cyber security threats come from active attacks - if someone is actively entering a space that they are not suppose to be able to enter, they are committing a cyber attack. An example could be stealing your passwords or finding a “back door” into your business’ website.

The hooded figure in the Guy Fawkes mask

But who does this evil deeds - who is hiding behind the Guy Fawkes mask? Many of us may have a dramatic vision flashing before for their inner being, like a scene from a movie playing in our head, when they hear the word “hacker”, "hacktivist" or “cybercrime” mentioned. Imagine a dark room, flickering lights and a hooded figure in front of a computer. This human being is of cause a genius, with a sky high IQ, living a lonely life consisting of lots of caffeine, and only the computer to keep him/her company.

A dark room with a computer screen, green letters on the screen and a hooded figure wearing an Anonymous/Guy Fawkes mask.

The reality however is perhaps not as suitable for a movie plot. Hackers are regular people – not “super humans”. They come from opposing organizations or work as corporate spies, unhappy former employees or even terrorist groups, hackers or hacktivists, criminal organizations, or hostile nations/states.

But why? Well, attacks from opposing organizations, corporate spies or even unhappy former employees are often trying to get the upper hand on their enemy - whether the issues they have are as an individual, as a company, or even a country, they want to “win” and/or pay back. Hacktivists are more complex, and are often regular people who want to expose a truth to the world.


The damage it may do

Let’s take banks, for example. They hold a large amount of information regarding their clients, such as birth dates, social security numbers, and addresses etc. If this data is exposed, perhaps then sold off at the black market, the bank’s clients will be at risk of identity theft, leading to massive debts that they have to pay off but did not create in the first place. Although the bank wouldn’t lose money, they would be responsible for their customer’s ill-fortune, and that’s not good.

A blonde, bearded guy in a dark suite sits infront of his laptop pulling his hair and looking worried, in hte backgroudn there i a chart on the wall.

Sensitive data stolen from your organization, sold of to your rival companies can be used to see how your business is working. Valuable information about your how you’ve reached success, or finding flaws that they can manipulate. Emails and documents taken out of context to present your business as untrustworthy, even illegal. That can do lasting damage to your business.

However, other times attackers want your money. This often ends with loans and credit card debt that your business never signed up for - all without you knowing until it’s too late.

Knowledge is power

Knowledge is indeed power! This makes it possible to stay one step ahead, and be able to prevent possible attacks from happening. Stay well informed, keep up with the evolving digital world, stay on top of the risks.

It is about time we give cybercriminals a good fight, and secure our data and systems by minimizing the security risks through staying aware of the threats! 



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